Printing on Plastic (PET) Bottles

For plastic bottle printing, Domino offers a range of technology including lasers and inkjet printers
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Printing on pet bottles provides a range of manufacturing challenges if the solution is unspecified. Depending on the application and specifics of the manufacturing facility in question, Domino can draw on its knowledge and experience built over years designing and installing printing equipment at global beverage sites. For printing on PET bottles, Domino’s laser marking solutions are frequently chosen. D-Series laser scribe high-quality (frosted) codes onto a range of PET products and PET bottles.

When packaging beverages, including carbonated drinks, water, and juices, the wet atmosphere in the production area needs to be considered to ensure the long-term productivity of the printing equipment. Featuring an IP65 rating, Domino’s D-Series is designed for the beverage sector’s harsh environments – where sugar syrup and moisture necessitate regular washdowns but bottle coding and marking uptime is key. 

Domino’s laser solutions offer flexible positioning using the beverage beam delivery for the smallest footprint on both conveyor and bottle table applications. Exceptional wavelength capabilities, flexible i-Tech scanhead, and unique mirror beam control underpins performance. Modular design enables simple integration into the challenging PET production lines and the patented i-Tech RapidScan maximises time to code.

Meeting the need for the lowest total cost of ownership, specialised Domino coders supply best before dates and date of manufacture to the neck, shoulder, foot, or behind the main label of a wide range of PET products. Should a continuous inkjet printer be preferred, then Domino’s Ax-Series range of printers offer service-free ink system changes, high-quality codes via its unique printhead design, as well as the option of remote diagnostics via the Domino Cloud. This Industry-4.0-inspired product allows beverage plant, operations, engineering, and production managers to be proactive – versus reactive – to any potential issues facing their PET packaging and processing lines.

Our easy to use, flexible, and scalable software and service products are easy to integrate with existing coding and labelling technologies. From a fully featured, free-of-charge label editor to a range of powerful automation modules. 


Helping you to ensure compliance, and stay in control of your package messaging from product to pallet, right from the factory floor. Fully scalable to suit your production line, you can manage data simply with a touch screen PC interface and create accurate labels from our built-in product table. 

QuickDesign Lite

Free to download, easy to use software means you can get going in minutes. From complex labels, including ingredients and allergen information, to large batches of date messages, start creating simple coding at the touch of a button.

QuickDesign Modules

Whether it’s plug and play integration and automated interfacing, or order management from the factory floor, our fully scalable automation models come with a range of features developed for the real-world challenges you face. From single coders to site-wide solutions.

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